Race Reports

After my first two marathons in 2017, I wrote a few words about each of them. I saved them to my phone but I never did anything with them. After the Great Glen Ultra, I wrote a 5 part special on Instagram about how my race unfolded. Much to my surprise, some folk enjoyed it. Whilst i’m no writer or poet, sometimes putting pen to paper can be rewarding.

My latest report was probably my most in depth, with information about chafing bollocks and phantom farting. I think it will be good to look back when i’m older and see how I did.

The dream is to blog about the longer and bigger events. I would really love to have a go at UTMB and possibly Spartathlon. The longer the better…


15th March – D99 Ultra


18th November – Tweed Valley Ultra

7th July – Great Glen Ultra


24th September – Loch Ness Marathon

30th July – Fort William Marathon

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