2019 Plans

Whilst it’s always good to live in the moment and sometimes forget about the future, I try to be as organised as I can be for the upcoming year. Races tend to fill up quickly and I need to book time off work. Similarly, I find I train better if I have an event to work towards so I always tend to have a race booked.

So far, my confirmed 2019 plans are:

15th March – D99 100 Mile Ultra in Aberdeen – DONE (race report here)

26th May – Edinburgh Marathon

22nd June – Ronhill West Highland Way 95 Mile Race.


I have managed to build up 9 UTMB points over 2 races (D99 and Great Glen Ultra). I’ll get another 5 points if I complete the West Highland Way so I’ll be sitting on 14 points. Either I’ll complete another 5 point qualifying race or I’ll try to get in the CCC or the TDS.


My 100 mile finishing time for the D99 Ultra was under 21 hours so I have qualified to apply for Spartathlon. The elite runners who manage a sub 16 hour 100 miler will get automatic entry, with the remaining entries going down to a ballot. Although unlikely to get in on the first few tries, I’ll give it a bash when entries open in 2020.

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